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What is a Winter City?

What is a winter city? It is an urban community that is located in the inner or outer winter climate zone, as defined by the Winter Cities Corporation. And what is the Winter Cities Corporation? It all began with a conference in Sapporo in Japan in 1984, which was followed up in Shenyang in China the following year, and the Corporation finally came into being in Edmonton in Canada in 1986.

Its object is to spread knowledge and exchange views about everything related to living in so called winter cities.

By the Corporations definition, there are about 500 of these cities in 30 countries, with a total of 600 million inhabitants. The Soviet Union heads the list with 283 cities followed by China with 78 and the USA with 62.

10 European countries are included in the list and of these Norway Is in bottom piece with 3 cities. Nevertheless, it was agreed in Edmonton in 1986 that the next European Winter Cities arrangement would be in Tromsø, Norway.


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