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The Key Cards app is a digital wallet application designed to store and manage all your cards - from membership and rewards cards to important identification cards like your driver’s license and insurance cards.

Simply take a photo of your card and assign a label to it, and then the app will securely store the image in an organized, easy-to-navigate interface. When needed, you can easily pull up the image of the card for showing or scanning.

The Key Cards app keeps your card images separate from your personal photos and photo gallery. The cards are only stored on your device (not the cloud) and can only be accessed by you.

If you're tired of carrying around a bulky wallet or fumbling through dozens of cards at the checkout counter, this app will make your life much easier. Everything you need is right on your phone.

We hope that the Key Cards app will become one of your favorite everyday apps.

The app is self-explanatory, but you are welcome to contact us with questions and suggestions.

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