Stock Split Calculators

Welcome! We have have thousands of stock split calculators that come with information and tools to calculate how different stock splits change the composition of your investments.

Companies like Amazon, Tesla, Google, Shopify, Apple, Nvidia, Microsoft, and many others have used stock splits to increase or decrease their number of outstanding shares held by investors.

You can use our stock split calculators to calculate how many shares you will end up with after a stock split in companies that you own.

To get started, please enter your stock split in the box below.


Here is a list of the most common stock splits in recent history.

2 for 1 stock split

3 for 1 stock split

4 for 1 stock split

3 for 2 stock split

5 for 1 stock split

1 for 10 stock split

1 for 100 stock split

1 for 12 stock split

1 for 15 stock split

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